Clay Durga Murti Photos HD

This time the Durga idol (Murti) is made of clay in Durga Puja in Alaknanda. This has been done, taking care of the environment.

The plate is also being used as an earthen plate for the blog. In many pujas, this time the idol is being called 'Green' while the 'Brown' made is from clay.

This time the idol will not be immersed in the Yamuna. Artificial ponds are built in different areas. The statue of Chittaranjan Park will be immersed behind the Lotus Temple

This work will encourage natural lovers. Many people are considering and appreciating such commendable steps, environment-friendly and very beautiful steps.

Durga Murti Photos HD 

Durga Murti Photos
Durga Murti Photos HD

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Durga Murti Made by Clay

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Clay Durga Puja Photos

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